Излезе брой 4, 2021 г. на списание "Текстил и облекло"

Излезе брой 4, 2021 г.
28.04.2021 / 14:02

Статия 1: Преглед на дейността на сдружение НТС по ТОК за периода от март 2016 до април 2021 година




Автор: Ивелин РАХНЕВ

Резюме: This overview describes the five-year mandate of the national association of textile specialists from 2016 to 2021. The SEUTGL association is a non-profit legal entity. It was founded in the early 20th century as an organized community of textile technicians. Nowadays, SEUTGL unites the intentions and efforts of university professors, teachers, students and specialists in the field of textile technology, fashion design and personnel training. The core of the association is the teachers from the university units.

Membership in the association is individual, but substantial support comes from the country's large

textile enterprises. The main activity of the association consists of holding an annual textile conference and publishing a monthly magazine. SEUTGL is a member of Federation of Engineering Scientific Union in Bulgaria (FNTS) and a partner of related international organizations. The prospects for SEUTGL are based on traditions and the necessary production of textiles, garment and leathers.


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