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Textile and Garment Magazine – general description

According to data by SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library Sofia (http://www.nationallibrary.bg), the specialised Textile and Garment Magazine has been issued, without interruption, since 1949 and is the successor of Textile Review which had been published in 1931 and 1932 in Sliven, with Editor-in-Chief P. Starbanov.

Inspired by the creators of the departments in Textiles at the Technical University of Sofia and the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy - Sofia, Prof. Agop Kevorkian and Prof. Kiril Dimov, the magazine has a scientifically applied character and publishes author’s papers of lecturers from universities and research units as well as from vocational high schools in textiles, clothing and design.

The magazine also publishes materials from textiles and clothing industries.

The purpose of the magazine is to present to the highly specialized community in the country and abroad the achievements of the theoretical and experimental research of scientists and specialists from all points of view of textile science and practice.

The main topics of the published papers comprise chemical and mechanical technology of textile materials, technology and design of sewing products, textile art, textiles industry economics and the pedagogy of textiles training and education.

Editorial Board of the magazine does the selection and review of the papers collectively while over the years its Editors-in-Chief have been (link):

Assoc. Prof. Ivelin Rahnev - from 2015 until present;

Prof. Ivan Georgiev - from 2000 to 2015;

Prof. Georgi Nikolov Georgievich - from 1996 to 2000;

Prof. Ivan Hardalov - from 1995 to 1996;

Eng. Svilena Kissyova - from 1990 to 1995;

Prof. Petar Adarov - from 1984 to 1987

Prof. Atanas Chervendinev - from 1964 to 1984;

Editorial Board - from 1958 to 1963;

K. Pastarmadzhiev - from 1952 to 1957;

Stanka Tsekova - from 1950 to 1951;

Editorial Committee - since 1949.

Title of the magazine in Bulgarian: Текстил и облекло (Tekstil i Obleklo).

Title of the magazine in English: Textiles and Garments magazine.

The publisher of the magazine is:

The Scientific and Engineering Union of Textiles, Garments and Leather (SEUTGL)

UIC: 121111930, BG121111930

Place of publishing: Sofia, Bulgaria

Status of the edition - currently published with:

ISSN 1310-912X (print) for the printed edition in hard copy;

ISSN 2603-302X (Online) for the printed online edition.

The Textiles and Garments magazine was first published online under its current title in 1996 with the 1st issue - Textiles and Garments, ISSN 1310-912X at http://www.tok.fnts.bg.

Since 2016, the issues under the same title: Textiles and Garments and with the same ISSN: 1310-912X have been available at www.tok.fnts.bg.

Since 2018, the issues under the same title: Textiles and Garments and with online ISSN 2603-302X are available at www.bgtextilepublisher.org.

Periodicity: 10 – 12 issues per year.

Format of the print and online edition: A4 with 10 quires (A3), including one quire for the colour cover and nine black and white quires for the paper's body of the magazine.

Language of the text: mainly in Bulgarian, abstracts - in English and some whole articles - in English the working language of foreign authors.

Origin of the published materials:

author's works by lecturers, researchers and specialists;

papers presented at conferences and other forums

Subject to Universal Decimal Classification - UDC (УДК):

33, Economics. Economic sciences.

377, Special Education. Vocational education. Vocational schools.

378, Higher Education / Higher Education Institutions.

677, Textile Industry. Technology of textile materials.

678, Industry of High Molecular Substances. Rubber industry. Plastic industry.

687, Tailoring (apparel) Industry.

745/749, Applied Art. Art Crafts. Interior. Design.

658.512.23, Artistic design (industrial design).

URL: www.tok.fnts.bg


Previous title and continuity of the magazine for the period of issue:

Since 1996: Textiles and Garments, ISSN 1310-912X (Print), ISSN 2603-302X (Online);

From 1990 to 1996: Textiles Industry, ISSN 1310-8069;

From 1985 to 1987: Light Industry and Services, ISSN 0205-1885;

From 1959 to 1996: Textiles Industry, ISSN 0495-0046;

From 1958 to 1958: Light industry: Textiles, ISSN 0455-6208;

From 1957 to 1957: Light industry: Textiles’ edition, ISSN C625-9138;

From 1952 to 1957: Light industry, ISSN C617-924X;

From 1949 to 1950: Industry: a monthly edition of the Ministry of Industry, ISSN C616-9929.

Contact information:

Assoc. Prof. Ivelin Rahnev, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, email: tok.chair@fnts.bg  

Dr. Maria Spassova, Technical Editor, email: textilejournal.editor@fnts.bg

Mrs. Tomina Galibova, Technical Assistant, email: tok.secretary@fnts.bg

Address: 1000 Sofia, 108, Rakovski Str., Room 407

Phone: 00359 2 980 3045, 00359 895 586 651

URL:  www.tok.fnts.bg


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