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15.03.2018 / 14:23

Статия: Investigation of aramid-polyamide composites produced by additive manufacturing

Автори: Christoph Richter and Yordan Kyosev

Резюме: The additive manufacturing was intensively developed in the last years and at the current time there are already commercially available 3D printers, which can place carbon, glass or aramid filaments additionally to the thermoplastic material. Such one is the printer Mark One of the company Markforged. The samples were printed with a resolution of 0.1 mm. This allows production of parallel layers where the reinforced material is directed and placed in the most efficient way for the current construction. This method is also called FLM (Fused Layer Modelling). With the Fused Layer Modelling a wire is pressed about a heated nozzle and the diameter of the nozzle determines the layer thickness. In the heated nozzle, the material is melted accordingly over the melting temperature of the material used and printed layer by layer: In the case of most printers, the print head and not the print bed are moved in the xy direction, only the z axis is usually realized by the print bed. Furthermore, the 3D printing allows production of such parts individually, which is cost efficient compared with other technologies. This work presents experimental investigation of the mechanical properties of Aramid-Polyamide composite samples, produced by additive manufacturing.

Keywords: Aramid, Polyamide, fiber reinforced composites, additive manufacturing, 3D printing


Статия: Проектиране на бански костюми за жени от еластомерен трикотаж

Автор: Христо Петров

Резюме: Обект на настоящата разработка са някои особености в алгоритмите за проектиране и изграждане на стандартна основна конструкция на дамско облекло от еластомерен трикотаж. Разработени са варианти на цели бански костюми за типови женски фигури в съответствие с моделните им и конструктивни особености.

Ключови думи: типови фигури за жени, бански костюми, моделни варианти


Статия: Determination of the Kinematic Characteristics of the Grosse Ejp 4 Knife Box Drive Mechanism by Means of "Model Methods"

Автор: Roumen Anchev Roussev

Резюме: The "Model Methods" is a graphical method for determining the kinematic characteristics of polyclonal mechanisms. In the present study, a comparison is made with the method of closed vector contours for determining the kinematic characteristics of the knife box drive mechanism of the "GROSSE EJP 4" jacquard machine. This mechanism is composed of a cam mechanism with a swinging roller follower and a successively connected crank mechanism.

Keywords: kinematic analysis, model methods, knife box mechanism, jacquard machine.


Статия: Сравнително изследване на цвета на камгарни меланжи чрез визуален контрол и обективно измерване

Автори: Станимира Димитрова, Галина Георгиева, Ивелин Рахнев

Резюме: The quality of dyeing is one of the most important problems in textile industry. This applies both to the colour diversification of the fibrous raw materials in the textile production cycle and to the processing of the dyed textile products in their finishing. Acceptable colour deviations from predefined colour standards are becoming smaller. The old desire to objectively ensure the colour quality through controllable borders has become a real necessity. Excessive colour corrections, on the other hand, and legitimate or unjustified claims, on the other, cost too much and reduce the flexibility of production. The cost-effectiveness of the products is in doubt. The purpose of the laboratories is to control the permissible colour deviation, specific for different articles, types of processing and customers.


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